Brian & Angie Savage

Brian & Angie Savage

Brian and Angie live in the village of Mvumi, an hour’s drive from Dodoma. Although this is the administrative capital of Tanzania, the region is undeveloped and most people are very poor with semi-desert conditions and most rely on subsistence farming.

Brian is an ophthalmologist, specialising in performing and teaching eye surgery at Mvumi Hospital.

Angie teaches student nurses in the nursing department of the Institute of Health Sciences which is linked to the hospital, and her experience has proved useful in continuing education and quality improvement in the hospital.

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This mission and district teaching hospital is run by the Anglican church, but Christians of a number of different denominations serve there. Usually about 100 inpatients as well as many outpatients are seen daily; the eye department and the maternity department are the two busiest departments.

Since moving to Mvumi hospital in 2016 Brian and Angie have been privileged to be involved in extensive improvements to it, thanks to support from donors, including Lymm Baptist Church. These have included gas and solar heating, new on-call rooms, ward renovation, new and repaired medical equipment, school scholarships for poorer students and environmental initiatives.

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