Who’s Who

Jonathan Bramwell
Lead Minister
I'm married to Claire and we have two boys; Timothy & Nathaniel who are both at local schools. We moved to Lymm in September 2015. I am passionate about teaching God's word and applying it our everyday lives, seeing lives transformed by the Holy Spirit and encouraging the church to be a group of people who actively reach out into local communities with the love and hope of Jesus.

Claire is Operations Team leader at N-Gage, a Manchester based Christian Charity that gives young people at risk of educational or social exclusion, opportunities and skills to achieve their full potential. Working in partnership with Schools, Local Police and City Council, they provide highly successful, flexible and targeted approaches to anti-social behaviour and educational exclusion.

Prior to being minister in Lymm I served as minister at Epworth Baptist Church (2012-15), having previously been minister in training at Stockport Baptist Church.

Before I trained for ministry I worked as a full time musician. Initially this included teaching piano peripatetically and working as a part time worship leader at Hazel Grove Baptist Church. More recently (2006-9) I was music director at Christ Church Clifton in Bristol.

Chris Goswami
Chris Goswami
Associate Minister
Hi there! I’m the part time Associate Minister here at Lymm. I was ordained recently after being called to ministry in mid-life. Previously I was Associate Minister at Brownley Green Baptist Church, Wythenshawe. I have served in churches in roles as varied as Youth Leader to Elder, and from Anglican to Baptist. I love to see individuals grow in their personal relationship with Christ, realising and exercising their gifts in his service.

I blog regularly on issues of Christian discipleship at 7minutes.net.

When I am not “ministering” I work for a Silicon Valley company. I have worked in technology for over 25 years initially as software engineer and now as Director of Marketing and Communications. I think the dual role helps me to stay rooted in everyday work with all its problems!

I am married to Alison and we have 3 daughters Anna, Laura and Sarah all either studying at University or recently finished. In my “spare time” I love walking, reading, music, socialising … and I will travel over land and sea if there is the slightest chance of skiing.

Ryan Morter
Ryan Morter
Youth Intern
I became a Christian in early 2018 having attended Lymm Baptist Church for over 2 years after I was brought to some services through my girlfriend. Throughout my life I’ve had a couple of church experiences with some of my family being Roman Catholic but I never truly encountered a God until I came to Lymm Baptist. I have been involved in a few youth activities over the last year or so and have a real passion for the youth at Lymm Baptist as well as in the local community.

When I’m not at church I work for The Entertainer toy shop in Warrington town centre and in my spare time I’m an avid cinema go'er & a huge Lego/comic book fan.

Sarah Rotchell
Sarah Rotchell
Children & Family's Worker
Hello! I’m married to Sam and have 3 young children – Leo, Ivy and Bohan. I grew up in Lymm and attended school here, but only recently moved back after living for 10 years on the Isle of Man. Previously I’ve helped head up Scripture Union Ministries Trust, working with children and young people in churches and schools and providing a wide range of training opportunities for churches, schools and communities. I am loving the chance to get stuck back into life in Lymm Baptist Church – a church that gave me so much as a teenager when I gave my life to Christ and holds so much potential to reach out to the families in our community!

I’m passionate about connecting with, and supporting children and families both within the church and in the wider community. Since becoming a parent, I know more than ever just how important it is to find your “tribe” and have dependable and compassionate support through all stages of a family’s life.

I love spending time outdoors, dancing around to worship music, playing crazy games with my children or building fantastic rocket ships out of cardboard. I like cooking and baking and then eating the things I make with the people I love. I love dungarees, books about dragons, laughing and cups of tea.

John Hall
John Hall
Elder (Ministry & Finance)
I joined Lymm Baptist Church in the year 2000 after a job relocation from Newcastle and have been serving as an Elder on the church's leadership team for over 10 years. My wife Emma oversees the children’s work at LBC and we have 3 wonderful high school age children of our own.

Brought up in a Christian home, I made a personal commitment to Jesus at the age of 6 and was baptised as a teenager - I have witnessed God’s continuous faithfulness ever since, even through the difficult times.

I have been involved in many aspects of the church's life including youth work, overseas mission projects, worship leading and preaching. I have a passion for the Word of God and its absolute relevance and authority for all aspects of our lives.

I am a qualified engineer and now work in the IT industry. In my spare time, I love walking, climbing and mountain biking.

Deb Instone
Deb Instone
Elder (Pastoral)
I have been involved with Lymm Baptist Church for over twenty-five years with my husband Mark. We have three children who are in their twenties. Over the years I have been involved in the life of the church and have been actively running children's & youth work and the pastoral team as well as having been on the leadership team historically. Mark & I run the older Revolve youth group in a home on a Sunday night. I want to support & encourage our young people to grow in their faith and support them in the difficult journey they face in today's world. I currently am serving as the pastoral elder and am designated safeguard lead for the church. I have a heart for mentoring and disciplining others and currently am involved with Mark in doing life in a house group together.

I became a Christian at 15 years old surrounded by Christian friends and having watched my parents break up in 1995. I have loved God and served Him ever since. Having moved to Preston from London and done a social sciences degree I then moved to Lymm to get married in 1991. I raised my family and then trained to be a counsellor in 2002. Having qualified it has opened opportunities for me to work using my skills with individuals, couples, young people and their families. My pastoral heart for people has allowed me to serve the church, connect and support people who are struggling both inside church and out. My desire is for a church that is relevant and caring to love a community in Lymm that meets people where they are right now. I currently support running the Lymm Sanctuary Community Hub and am involved in several of the projects that run and serve the community.

Will Johnston
Will Johnston
Elder (Small Groups & Church IT)
I grew up south of Glasgow and became a Christian as a teenager through a local church youth club. I studied in Glasgow & Manchester before settling in Lymm in 1995.

Over the years I have attended churches of different denominations based on their commitment to preaching the Bible. I have attended Lymm Baptist Church since 1995 and have always been involved in the life of the church.

I am married to Alison, have three children and work as an IT consultant.

Louise Turnbull
Nicola Gerrard
Pioneering Ministry
I became a Christian in my teenage years and was an active part of Ivy Church, Manchester before moving to High Legh over 20 years ago. Since then I have been attending Lymm Baptist Church. I have been involved in both leading worship and play the flute/piano in the worship group. I am part of the prayer ministry team and have worked both with the children and young people amongst other things over the years.

Having trained as a professional flute player, I have been on the leadership of the New English Orchestra with my husband for the past 20 years and have toured both in this country and internationally with the orchestra. Hopefully my passion for God and playing the flute shine through everything that I do. I regularly give concerts and musical meditations in High Legh as part of the outreach into the local community and with my husband Nick have set up prayer initiatives and a youth project in High Legh. I run my own business from High Legh called High Legh Flutes.

I always endeavour to use music to bless others with the love of God whether that be through playing prayers over people or musical blessings. I have a heart to see the local community (particularly High Legh) being touched by God in transforming ways and there have been evidences of this, but I would love to see more of God’s Spirit moving in these places.

I hope to bring a radical hope and prophetic faith in God into the leadership forum with a particular emphasis on the pioneering element of the ministry, to stir others up to believe God for the impossible in their communities!

Alison Johnston
Alison Johnston
Church Secretary & Administrator
I grew up in a Christian home, and came to know Jesus Christ as my personal saviour at a Youth Camp at Lee Abbey when I was 17.

I have attended LBC since moving to Lymm in 1995 and have been always been actively involved, leading a Sunday School class for many years.

I have been a member of staff since January 2013, sharing the role of Church Administrator with Sam.

I am married to Will and have three children.

Scott McPhail
Scott McPhail
From my very first visit to Lymm Baptist I found it to be a church with a strong ethos of family and have counted it a privilege to be part of the LBC church family since relocating from Glasgow in 2009.

Over the years I’ve been encouraged through my commitment to attending the various weekly services and have been actively involved in many aspects of church life with a particular heart for adult and senior-youth small group discipleship and evangelism.

Louise Turnbull
Louise Turnbull
I have been an active member of Lymm Baptist church for eighteen years. I am married to Steve and we have a daughter, Abby. I became a Christian through a children's mission at the age of eleven and went through the waters of baptism at the age of sixteen.

For many years I have helped and supported the children's ministry at Lymm Baptist Church and play an active role as part of the prayer ministry team.

I have a heart for supporting mission work in our local community and and I see my main calling as prayer intercession and offering spiritual and pastoral care to those in need. From time to time I support my friend Sarah Watkins with her ministry known as Healing2theNations.

I work as a Registered Nurse in Specialist Palliative Care on a day Unit at St Rocco's Hospice in Warrington.

Richard Evans
Richard Evans
Site Manager
My wife Bibi & I have attended Lymm Baptist Church since we got married in 1992. We were drawn to it by the friendly welcome we received and the care shown to us. We have two teenage children: Harry & Emilia. I became a Christian many year ago at university. Since joining LBC, I have been a home group leader, deacon, elder responsible for prayer and since re-joining the eldership in September 2013 I have overseen community engagement activities and recently switched to overseeing prayer activities and small groups. My passion is to see spiritual revival, everybody using the gifts and talents God has given them to the full and the transformation of our community through prayer, faith, discipleship and practical demonstrations of God's love.
Sam French
Sam French
I became a Christian 11 years ago when my Mum wanted to bring my 3 year old son to Sunday School. I was pregnant with my daughter at the time and was stirred to attend a few services myself. I always felt very safe when I entered the building and a warm comfortable glow within. I attended a few Alpha courses and couldn’t stop asking questions until one day I got to the point when I realised that I would never have all the answers; that is why it's called faith! I have been baptised and have attended Lymm Baptist church ever since. I am involved in various activities, particularly the youth work and have been job sharing the church administrator role since January 2013.

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