prayerWhy do Christians pray? At the very beginning of the Bible we read about the first man and first woman, Adam and Eve who walked with God in the Garden of Eden and talked with him in a natural and easy way. God made us in his image to be in a close relationship with him and with each other. Prayer is one way in which this relationship is developed and expressed.

A common perception is that prayer is about asking God for things, especially when life gets tough. This is part of the story, but there is much more to prayer than that. Prayer is about acknowledging God for who he is, Sovereign, Lord and the maker and sustainer of all that exists: prayer is about being honest with God when we get things wrong and know it, and asking for his forgiveness, by which there is a profound feeling of release and well-being: prayer is about thanking God for his love, grace and mercy by which we are continually blessed: prayer is about asking God for those things which are good for us, even though he knows already, so that we are greatly encouraged when we see him answer.

From the creation of the world God had in mind a plan for each one of us which involves himself. Prayer is part of the process by which we can each discover our personal plan and work towards it for our spiritual growth & fulfilment. Prayer is not about getting a well paid job and earning lots of money.

At Lymm Baptist Church, we seek to support each other in prayer in various ways,

Details of all prayer meetings can be found in the calendar.

Further information

Please contact the Church Office for more information on prayer.

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