About Us

lbc3Sooner or later someone is bound to ask, “What is the purpose of your church?” Many people who are thinking of attending a church want to know where it is going. They are looking for meaning, purpose and direction to life.

You wouldn’t knowingly get on a train unless you knew where it was heading, so why would you want to attend a church unless you knew what its underlying beliefs were?

Like many churches, we have a clear purpose statement and a statement of our beliefs, but that does not mean that no-one can attend the church unless and until they agree with us. Anyone is welcome, whether they have different beliefs or no belief. All we ask is that you come with an open mind and be prepared to search, as we all do, for the truth and for the meaning to life, which we believe to be found in the Bible.

Lymm Baptist Church is a member church of the Baptist Union of Great Britain.

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