GEORDO-2GEORDO is a small local Ugandan organisation set up in partnership between 1st Baptist Church, Mbale & the local community in the rural area of Busulani, Uganda.

Its aim is to provide free or affordable secondary education to the most vulnerable young people in the area.

Its primary focus is to educate young girls, many of whom are targets of prejudice, abuse, sexual exploitation & rape. The pupils at the school vary in age from early teens – orphans or children of young unmarried mothers – to the young mothers themselves, who are now encouraged to return to education.

Robert, the GEODO coordinator says:

“The implications of young girls becoming pregnant are immense, affecting the girls & their children both emotionally, & economically. These teenagers are unable to get an education and they are likely to fall into poverty creating a vicious cycle of early pregnancies, illiteracy & poverty, which is hard to break. We are currently urging these girls to complete school, without which it makes it difficult for them to find decent jobs & to take care of themselves & their children”

GEORDO-1GEODO also uses the school facilities as a wider local amenity, helping to influence and change the local community’s attitudes to girls and education.

For further information please contact Debbie Wisdell via the church office.


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