Gilson & Iara da Silva

Gilson & Iara De SilvaGilson is the Director of the Brazilian Mission to the Indians of Brazil (MEIB). He and Iara live in the mission headquarters just outside Belem. He administers the mission work with a team of helpers. They are training several young adults in the hope that they will go to the tribes with the gospel in future. They run courses for Brazilians to get a taste of the work, short courses and mission trips. Gilson travels a lot, speaks at meetings in and around Belem and further afield as the opportunity arises. He is trying to raise support from the churches and individuals. He speaks at Bible colleges and seminaries about their work.

Iara mostly stays home with the children, but she helps in the office as well. She is a good Bible teacher in her own right.

They have two children – a daughter called Dara and a son caller Eduardo (Dudu).

For further information please contact Irene Rowley via the church office.


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