Marcelo & Holly Vieira

Marcelo & Holly VieiraMarcello and Holly work for UFM Worldwide in Benevides. Their ministry is diverse with the street children of Belem. The project is known as ‘Creative Hands’. They also run an arena, which was built using money contributed by LBC. The arena is a great, well-used resource for the local community. It is used for church meetings for young and old, educating ladies in producing creative crafts and it even has a number of youth football teams. It is the base for a children’s club and there is breakfast and bible study for ladies.

BrazilMarcello and Holly also work with young people who collect and recycle rubbish from the local tip. The children receive a small amount of money for the recycling but the rubbish is also used to produce crafts and furniture.

For further information please contact Irene Rowley via the church office.


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