Adi & Tabita Muscan and Callum King

Serving with Friendship International @ Friendship Camp in Romania.

Adi & Tabita Muscan and Callum KingFriendship Camp Romania began in 2006 and Adi & Tabita and their two sons – Filip (18) and Ruben (12) – have been there from the beginning. After spending a number of summers at the camp on short term trips, Callum then moved to Romania and joined the team in 2013.

Friendship Camp serves Romanian kids from all sorts of social and economic backgrounds. Children from children’s homes, struggling families, and poor gypsy families who are often unable to pay to come to camp can come for free through the sponsorship program. Other children from churches or more wealthy families are often able to pay. But wherever the children are from the message is the same – we all have the same great need of Jesus Christ as our personal saviour.

The camp has been developed on a ‘wild west’ theme and the children sleep in genuine Native American teepees and covered cowboy wagons. There are also cabins for the full time staff and those who aren’t quite prepared for the authentic camping experience! Every year we are working to further the develop the camp facilities to create an even better camp experience for the children who come and to increase the camp’s capacity.

For further information please contact Steve & Louise Turnbull via the church office.


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