The Oasis Centre



‘I was pretty lost with no direction to my life, but Oasis helped me get back on my feet.’

The Oasis Centre is a Christian day centre in Gorton, one of the most deprived communities in England, ranked in the bottom 1% of all neighbourhoods in England and Wales for ‘total deprivation’. Oasis supports the vulnerable, marginalised and disadvantaged living and sleeping rough in East Manchester – helping re-build, re-engage and re-start lives towards a productive and positive future.

Oasis is a lifeline to over 60 people a week including families living on benefits, the homeless, ex-offenders, people struggling with alcohol or drug misuse & mental health issues. The centre offers a range of services, supporting yet challenging existing lifestyles & helping people on an often long journey towards increased self-worth, self-esteem, & self-reliance.


‘I was trapped & it seemed I couldn’t find away out. But Oasis didn’t give up on me’

Oasis’ vision is to create a ‘full-time’ place of safety & comfort where people at their lowest ebb can find solace, a listening, & sometimes challenging friend, & a pathway towards their God given destiny.

UK£1m has been raised with the help of supporters, churches, trust funds and local businesses to build a new day centre and also social housing in Gorton in partnership with One Manchester Housing Association.

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