Pastor John Pagliawan & Metropolitan Bible Church

Pastor John PagliawanPastor John Pagliawan is the pastor at Metropolitan Bible Church (MBBC) in the village of Sto, Nino, in Tanauan, a province of Leyte, Philippines.

The church has 100 members. The village has more than 4,500 population with about 900 households. The church is operating a school with classes from nursery to Grade VI. The church has feeding programs in nearby villages.

The existing MBBC building, the school and the parsonage were destroyed by the super typhoon Haiyan in 2013. To be able to continue with church services, temporary repairs were carried with contribution from local relations. With the experience of the super typhoon, Pastor John and the elders of the Church would like to rebuild in stronger structure to serve as evacuation centre and continue to carry out their ministries.

mbbcLBC is supporting their proposal by rebuilding a single level multi functional church. MBBC is raising funds to build second & third stories to further meet the needs of their community.

For further information please contact Phil Savage.


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