Yagya & Sally Singh

The Place

Nepal is a beautiful mountainous nation with 26 million people, speaking over 130 languages. One million of them live in its capital, Kathmandu.

Nepal’s population is made up of

  • 80% Hindu,
  • 10% Buddhist,
  • 4% Muslim,
  • <2% Christian

In 2015, the 7.6 magnitude Earthquake left many families destitute. They lost everything; homes, livestock, crops, clothing, food and loved ones. Until now, families in remote regions of Nepal remain extremely vulnerable to Human trafficking and exploitation. This is mainly due to low incomes, and a lack of education; which perpetuates a cycle of poverty.

What is Human Trafficking

Illegal trafficking of women is one of the biggest issues facing Nepal today. Lured by promises of employment in big Indian cities, large numbers of Nepali young girls are smuggled by flesh traders and forced into prostitution. It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of Nepali women, children and teenagers most between the ages of 8 and 14 are forced to work as slaves in brothels in Asia.

The Work

Yagya and Sally, have been working in anti-trafficking work since 2008. They pioneered a BAM (Business as Mission) for 5 years, which provided jobs and training opportunities to those who are at high risk for Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking (SET). In 2016, they founded Bridges Nepal, an NGO which aims to bring Hope, Restoration and Social transformation to rural communities in Nepal. This is done through education, training, relief, development and helping families find alternative sources of income. Through the NGO they are able to help families who are in immediate need of housing, provisions, clean water and children who need education. As communities are transformed, they become more self-sustaining, and less at risk for exploitation and trafficking.

Yagya is experienced in Community Development, Primary Health Care and loves to communicate principles that teach others how to improve their own value of life. He frequently  treks into earthquake affected villages, to visit families who  have lost everything, and spends time with them, listening to their needs and when possible meeting them.

Sally is skilled in Business Management as well as Photography, Print design and Social Media. As well as preventing Human Trafficking, she is passionate about personal discipleship and counselling. Together, they are dedicated to promoting the value of women in Nepali Society.

Yagya & Sally are passionate about discipling Nepali believers towards a biblical worldview. They long to see lives and communities transformed through encounter with Jesus Christ and for Human Trafficking to end globally.

The Need

We really need your financial support and your prayer support! Our work with Interserve does not provide a salary. We need to raise £43,240 per year to enable us to continue our work in Nepal. Please consider contributing to our target amount on a Monthly or Annual basis .

We also need a team of people who will commit to praying for our work in Nepal. If you would like to receive regular prayer updates, or if you would like more information about how to get involved in preventing Human Trafficking, please contact Sally at contact@bridgesnepal.org.

Thank you for your support!


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