Yagya & Sally Singh

Yagya & Sally SinghThe core purpose of Yagya and Sally’s work is to prevent exploitation and human trafficking in Nepal which is widespread there mainly because of severe poverty. Their charity, Bridges Nepal, is combating these issues in several ways:

  • Preventing exploitation – through awareness raising seminars, skills development and providing education opportunities and access to other vital services.
  • Community development – through introducing income generating projects (e.g. home stays, fisheries, aquaponics) which improve quality of life, increase financial independence and contribute to a healthier community.
  • Empowerment – providing vocational training and infrastructure to enable women to learn the necessary skills to generate income through tourism, home stays and small business.
  • Earthquake rebuilding – facilitating the construction of earthquake resistant homes, water storage and filtration systems for those left with no home and very little quality of life following the 2015 earthquake.

They are keen to work in partnership with like-minded organisations to achieve more in future. Sally and Yagya have a baby daughter, Vera.

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