Praying together


Starting Monday 7th March 2016, there will be new weekly opportunities to pray together.

Prayer activities will include:

  • a weekly day time prayer meeting at 10am each Monday;
  • evening meetings held on successive evenings of each week of each month, excluding Fridays.
  • In March, for example, the prayer meetings will be held at church on:
    • Monday 7th March, 8-9pm
    • Tuesday 15th March, 8-9pm
    • Wednesday 23rd March, 8-9pm
    • Thursday 31st March, 8-9pm

In each meeting there will be emphasis on:

  • entering God’s presence in a worshipful, meditative way through, for example, songs, reflection, bible readings, testimony;
  • praying for topical issues facing the church, community, country and world;
  • covering different areas of church life and ministry;
  • praying for us to personally and collectively respond to God’s promptings.

Sunday morning prayer breakfasts will be held on the third Sunday each month from 8.30-9.45am. These will cover different areas of the church’s life and topical issues and provide an opportunity to pray for those who are away during the week.

We also plan to hold periodic Prayer Walks on Saturday mornings, either preceded by a prayer breakfast or ending with coffee together.

We hope these meetings will provide everybody with the opportunity to pray at some stage each month despite other commitments and busy schedules.

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