Update & appeal from Brian & Angie Savage

Dear Friends

Instead of the usual account of our activities, we have a different circular this time. Angie noticed that her students have their meals cooked on wood stoves: there is a massive pile of firewood stacked up behind the eye clinic at Mvumi.

We are planning to:

  • stop the use of a large lorry load of firewood in the kitchens of Mvumi Institute of Health Sciences every month
  • install environmentally friendly power sources:
    • a solar system to heat water up to about 80 degrees C
    • a gas system to complete the water heating and cook the food
  • plant 100 fruit trees in the space now occupied with firewood

We will be helping to:

  • reduce deforestation and related climate change
  • provide an good example to health students and a community that cooks with wood and charcoal
  • reduce the extreme heat that cooks are working in
  • provide some fruit for the students

This is important because:

  • there is massive deforestation in Tanzania
  • there is a need for a sustainable and ethical solution to cooking for the 500 current students (numbers expected to increase to 800 in the next 2 years)
  • the setting up costs of the new system are not affordable for the health schools, so without help the use of wood will continue
  • once installed, running costs can be covered from school fees
  • fruit trees will improve the poor diet of the students

The funds will be spent on:

  • a solar system that can produce 2,000L of hot water daily
  • a gas system that can supply the 5 existing stoves
  • planting 100 papaya, mango and orange trees

That’s the message today, and here is the link:


Please can you share this with your contacts by email or Facebook. Any amount that you can donate, however small, will be much appreciated.


Brian and Angela Savage

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