Week of Prayer

Week of Prayer from 15th-21st October

Concerted prayer is vital if we are to realise what God has in store for us as a church. As we try to define what the vision we believe God has given us means in practical terms and as wider church-led community initiatives emerge in the aftermath of the ROC conversation it is critically important that we bring all these matters to God in prayer in order to discern his will.

As our individual schedules differ we have intentionally provided a variety of opportunities to come together during the week of prayer – please try to play your part in making LBC a house of prayer!

  • Prayer Breakfast: Psalm 23 (Sunday 15th October, 8.30 – 9.45am)
  • Seeking the Lord together with praise and worship (Monday 16th October, 8 – 9pm)
  • Prayer for Reflection and Worship (Tuesday 17th October, 8 – 9pm)
  • Prayer for Our Vision (Wednesday 18th October, 8 – 9pm)
  • Prayers of Young People (Thursday 19th October, 8 – 9pm)
  • Prayer for Community (Friday 20th October, 8 – 9pm)
  • Prayer walk (Saturday 21st October, 3 – 4.30pm)

If you are a lark and would like to start the day in prayer there will be a time of prayer in the Prayer Room from 7.30-8am each morning!

The bible makes it clear that fasting and prayer go hand in hand – this usually entails denying ourselves food but may take other forms such as social media, TV etc to enable us to focus more fully on the Lord

We will also provide visual aids and a box for folk to post their own prayers, scriptures and reflections.

If you have anything at all you would like to pray about or be prayed with, Jonathan, Louise and Richard will be available in church on Wednesday 18th from 2-6pm

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