Week of Prayer

Week of Prayer from 11-18th November

There will be a range of prayer activities over the course of the week, including praying for the building, different ministries, mission. These will take a variety of forms and include prayer walks.

Sunday 11th November

18.30 Launch of the Week of Prayer: Worship, Testimony & Prayer with Jonathan Bramwell

Monday 12th November

20.00 Coffee, Cake & Prayer: for our church building. Leader: Richard Evans

Tuesday 13th November

10.00 Prayer for our Youth. Leader: Darren Staunton

20.00 Prayer for ROC Library Hub and community Leaders: Deb Instone & Patsy Gastor

Wednesday 14th November

07.30 Early Morning Prayer Meeting

20.00 Prayer for our Pioneer Work at 27 Pelham Road, Thelwall. Leaders: Simon & Hannah Smith

Thursday 15th November

19.30 Church Meeting with a focus on prayer

Friday 16th November

10.00 Prayer for our Pioneer Work at High Legh Garden Centre. Leader: Nicola Gerrard

Saturday 17th November

10.00 Prayer focus on Mission. Leaders: Eric Stead & Louise Turnbull

Sunday 18th November

08.30 Church Prayer Breakfast. Leaders: Martin & Andrea Goswell

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