Prayers for those affected by the Coronavirus (18th March)


Heavenly Father,
We thank you for your sovereignty and the peace we can have knowing you are in control of all things.
Bring guidance to our leaders at this challenging time, help them to govern with wisdom and mercy and we pray the need of the vulnerable would not be overlooked. We pray for clarity for those who are uncertain of how to respond to symptoms. Help them to make wise decisions.
We thank you for the NHS and all those serving to help stem the outbreak and care for those who are ill.
Bless them and bring them peace and rest.

We long for you to help us in the midst of all this chaos. 
Please help people who are facing financial concerns, worries about their family, having planned ripped away and people concerned for their mental health. 
Please help us as a planet to deal with this effectively. Please help a doctor or scientist find a cure, please help our experts as they face criticism and enormous stress. 
We are so sorry that we put so much dependence on this world to bring us happiness and deliver us peace when you are the only answer to that. 
Thank you that we have you and know you and you love us. 

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