Discipleship Explored

Discipleship ExploredFollowing Christ; what’s it all about?

Discipleship Explored is a course designed to give you time and space to think about what it really means to live the Christian life. In an eight-week journey through Paul’s letter to the Philippians we will be thinking through questions such as: How can I be sure I’m a Christian? What is life really about? How can I grow as a Christian? How can I enjoy being a Christian more?

Whether you have been in church for years or are just beginning the Christian life this course will help you to understand what is involved in following Christ today and encourage you to walk confidently in his footsteps. It will be a great time for us all to learn together and encourage one another.

The course will commence the week beginning 11th January.

If you would like to join one of our small groups, please contact the church office or email smallgroups@lymmbaptistchurch.com.

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