LBC moves to St Mary’s for a few weeks …..

Due to the building works going on at church, we will be meeting at St Mary’s church for the next few weeks.

Our main services will be as follows,

  • Sunday 18th August 1500-1630
  • Sunday 25th August 1500-1630
  • Sunday 1st September 1500-1630
  • Sunday 8th September 1500-1630 (Note: we may be back at LBC this week)

If you are able please park at LBC & walk to St Mary’s. If not please park at the front of St Mary’s.

Note: Parking is limited

Our evening services will be at the normal times but at the following locations,

  • Sunday 18th August Phil Savage’s house (25 Higher Lane)
  • Sunday 25th August Richard Evans’ house (27 Woodland Drive)
  • Sunday 1st September Irene Rowley’s house (16 Tower Lane)
  • Sunday 8th September Jo Stevenson’s house (15 Hillside Road, Appleton)

For further details please contact the church office or any member of the Leadership team.

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