Hygiene precautions in view of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As a church we want to continue to be welcoming but also sensible in light of the spread of the Coronavirus.

To help this, we suggest:

  • Follow the NHS hygiene guidelines.
  • Refrain from shaking hands on entering and exiting the building.
  • Communion servers and tea/coffee servers will use hand sanitiser before handling food, drink and equipment
  • We will supply tissues and hand sanitisers around the church for general use.
  • We have decided to put a collection bowl by the doors to Millington so people can give monetary donations as they leave the service (rather than passing around a collection bag). Alternatively, you may wish to set up a standing order to directly donate to church. Contact the Church Office for more details.

For more information, please click here or see the church noticeboard.

We will endeavour to update our procedures in line with Baptist Union & NHS recommendations.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please speak to a member of the Leadership team or contact the Church Office.

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