Letter from Jonathan (Lead Minister)

Hi everyone,

The next few weeks and months that lie ahead are going to be a real challenge as many people prepare to avoid most social contact. How we live as disciples of Jesus is going to change significantly. However, the promises of God, the teachings of Christ still urge us forward to love and share the gospel. Jesus says in John 13:34-35,

“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

I’d really encourage us to take up this call to love each other and our communities. As a church family there are initially 5 things we are going to do to help support one another, we may be able to do more as we go on and if that is the case information will follow, but we don’t want to start lots of things we then can’t resource as more people isolate.

  1. Small Groups: pastorally small groups are key to keeping connected and encouraged, if you are part of a small group your small group leader will be finding ways to stay in touch during this period of social distancing. If you’d like to join a small group please contact Will: will@lymmbaptistchurch.com
  2. Pastoral team support: As a pastoral team we will be doing all we can to remain in touch with those who we know to be isolating, however, we don’t currently have everyone’s details. If you’d like to send us them or would like a member of the pastoral team to stay in regular touch with you please let the office know admin@lymmbaptistchurch.com
  3. Shopping support: if you are unable to get to the shops due to isolation we are setting up a team of people to help go to the shops for you, sadly we can’t offer to pay for everyone’s food or promise to get specific items but we can offer help; please contact Mark if you need support: markinstone1@gmail.com
  4. Church open for prayer: Next week we are planning Monday-Wednesday from 9am-1pm. If you aren’t in isolation please do pop in to pray whilst observing social distancing measures. Please only come in 1’s or 2’s.
  5. Pray for each other: Please remember to pray for each other, the prayer chain and confidential prayer chains remain available for important prayer requests.

How can you help?

I’ve been asked this question quite a lot over the last few days, whilst we can’t go and visit each other’s homes there are still things we can do, some of it is practical, some of it is prayerful:

  • We’d love to have a few times each week there are people available to have a friendly chat on the phone with whoever wants to ring. You’d need to be happy to have your phone number made available (through church email not to the wider public) and be available for 2 hours per week to take calls, please let the office know it this is you admin@lymmbaptistchurch.com
  • Help to buy & deliver food. Please contact Mark Instone: markinstone1@gmail.com
  • We’d love to keep hearing testimony of how God is working even in troubled times, prayers, encouragements, words from the Lord; which we can share either in our streamed services or on social media: please contact Jonathan: jonathan@lymmbaptistchurch.com
  • Commit to prayer, wouldn’t it be great if everyday we knew people in our church family were praying, if you can commit to a weekly prayer slot please contact Louise: louise.turnbull@lymmbaptistchurch.com

As always, please feel free to ring me or Chris for a chat, or do keep in touch over email or the various messaging platforms.

God bless,


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